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The friend gives me a red umbrella of a long handle, say that sunshades to shelter from the rain for me. I do not like red, can be in the instant taking over the umbrella, my eyes are moist. A pretty one red to take people eyeball very much so, I want, have a look, pay at one glance balcony each time. But day getting long, hang red umbrella at the balcony fade out in my sight gradually. Only on rainy day, will leave it for subsequent use at the gate sedulously. Act as overcast and rainy to park, it forget in a certain some first mao of place me, wait for hosts to claim pitifully, or turn into the old umbrella leaving the dust.

One day, rainy day at household come on here to encounter by chance, the umbrella was not enough, I remembered suddenly that there is a red umbrella. It leans against the corner behind the door quietly. The brilliant one has already been covered by a layer of dusts red, has seemed dim and unable. I had not really remembering it all the time, had always let it face life lonelily originally, while only needing, hold tight it.

In fact at our side, there are some persons who has been supporting us quietly all the time too, they prop up without hesitation, hide the windscreen rain for us like umbrella, lower than any abominable weather. We are used to forgiving, care, showing understanding and paying of the umbrella, think everything is not to get the existence of neglecting the umbrella consciously naturally.

If I am an umbrella, for whom do I prop up the umbrella?

Have I propped up an umbrella for my students?

I think, oneself is benevolent and having conscience, having responsibility, expecting to students, so when it is attacked that disappointed, feel all one's own devotion puts into the flowing water, there is not any meaning.

I am that red umbrella which leaves all over dust.

I often attack by innuendo and ask students: "What lesson do you come to like? "

Girls say: "Like Chinese, because you write well. "

"Like Chinese lesson, because you dance very graceful. "

"Like Chinese lesson, because I grow up wants to be a teacher. "

Originally, liked Chinese lesson to be since liking me. Perhaps this is the teacher's personality glamour! Then, I often receive some small notes of theirs of his, there are secret words above, there are words to express the gratitude, with the blessing, overwrite their trust and pure fondness of me.

Study how pleasant happy anything is game should with this group of lively girls beautifuls everyday.

However, the boy does not buy my account. They are naughty, they like stimulating strong sports to sport, does not like my gentle and quiet and sluggish classroom, do not like my tube bank to them. There are this group of naughty boys with bad temper, the class really has no peacefulness on the first.

I stand at the gate of class, am sorry repeatedly.

Sometimes, " incapability " This word is worn on one's own head like this.

Perhaps, they have not met the first-class form master; Perhaps, I hope too much, it is still too few to pay them.

I am that red umbrella which leaves all over dust, forget how to open the umbrella to hide the trials and hardship for them, perhaps, I have never learnt how to hit the good umbrella.

I am old with warmth in spring in the loneliness.

The passion in summer has already spread over, but my loneliness is still continuing. Lonely umbrella

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