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13 juin 2008 5 13 /06 /juin /2008 10:45

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Among actual life, give, plant one beautiful mood already, let smile at, watch flower bloom, set among wind already often, in the rain, smile and see the sun rises in the moon and sinks, the clear cloud of wind is light.
When the a lot of, I like interspersing one's own daily life with characters, construct the already life garden in characters, light the hope in the heart. Feeling of life of every day of stock of going in accordance with the style of writing. Use the scattered dream, piece together one's own ideal, future life!
But during the season in this early summer, a thing that I like being done most, is to sit on the tower of the own balcony, eye look at, light garden that plant already, see all over garden flowers and plants a dark green to trace back while being all over the place one soft and long. The appearance shadows of the flowers and plants are svelte to look in wind. Really let me reach the limit happily! Like stepping into the garden even more, water or weed for it, leave the flowers and plants in that full garden, kissing already one pair of feet. At this time, my mood is the best, there is only a strong hope in the heart, want until both hands already come beauty to sketch the contours of garden since. Plant a mood most beautiful from already every day, let it fly away from already all state of mind, physical and mental and intoxicated in the nature, the already soul of abundant giving has made a lot of recuperation space, it is since already most ordinary life that has drawn the soul picture scrolls beautiful, let spending every day bright time most already really happy!

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Published by dancing water - dans my life
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13 mai 2008 2 13 /05 /mai /2008 06:28

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